have you ever felt like you don't know whats going on anymore? like you don't care about anything anymore. you've lost your motivations to do anything.
you've that feeling of emptiness, and the feeling that no one is there for you. that feeling that no one understands you anymore. and it seems like there's nothing to look forward to anymore.
you are sad and tired. but you'll continue to smile no matter how hurt you are. i have a broke heart. a fucking broken heart. everything hurts.

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 hey everyone, my blog is about depression and anorexia xx

my blog will make you horny ;)

my blog will make you horny ;)

Sad/Bands/B&W blog

It’s not about the kissing, holding hands, the dates, the sex, and showing off. It’s about being with someone who makes you happy in a way that no one else can. It’s about being with someone who accepts you and your weirdness. It’s about being yourself around them and they can be their self around you.

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